10. ledna 2015 v 19:36 | Mizu-chi
Pár obrázků se kterými se chci podělit s vámi ;)
like the wind

Dark art.... do u see the girl, take a 2nd look
Your death wish by Grypwolf on deviantART
am I puzzling?
Frozen fan art of Elsa and Anna. This shows the two mixing emotions and produces a dark and light atmosphere. The art style on each side is different with sharp strokes on the right showing aggression for the cold and smoother softer strokes on the left for sweet and kind emotions.
Lolita Dresses. This style overlaps a lot with steampunk so I'm just gonna put this here.
Lily,16 loves cats and is one her mom was a cat and her dad was a shape shifter they both got ran over by cars 3 weeks after she was born (RESERVED FOR @rubypalmiter)
So bold!! I love the colors here, and the expression that was given to the character. :D
Countdown by on @deviantART - Like my facebook:

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